Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cold and Cold

 Snow still on the ground so it's a bit cold in the garage. I've got the sniffles too so I'm not going to be trying to do much.
I do have another project on the go which is a copper version of the sculpture I did here.
I'm planning to submit the wooden one to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, but there is a local exhibition on before that which gives me the excuse to try a copper version.
I have some large diameter thick wall copper pipe from our old heating system, (modern pipe is much lighter gauge). I sawed down one edge of a piece and then opened it up using wedges levers and a wooden mallet.
My bandsaw has a blade for non ferrous metals which cuts through the thin copper like a knife through butter.
I'm not sure if I'll try to braze the pieces or maybe use soft solder or copper rivets. Getting a nice patina on the finished article will be interesting too.
I drew it out on paper first and stuck it to the copper sheet with double sided tape. His head looks odd as it will be folded back on itself to create a more solid head of similar shape to the wooden version. I've sawn out 2 more arms, so I'm ready to start shaping it once I'm brave enough to go out in the cold.

I'm also toying with the idea of getting a small model maker's lathe. Nothing expensive or fancy, just something to tinker with and turn arrow heads and such like. There are some very small old ones about which are a reasonable price, but will probably need some work.
I've never really done any metal turning so it will be interesting. My dad has a big old Myford 7 but that's a bit scarey and a long way away, he also has some tiny watchmakers lathes which belonged to his dad, but they are too small (hmmm this is sounding a bit 'Goldilocks' ).
I narrowly missed out on one last week, but it prob' did me a favour as it was fairly large and didn't have a chuck or motor, so I'd have had a lot of work to do. I'll post some pics if I manage to get one.

Woo hoo! I won the E-Bay auction for a little 'Super Adept' lathe. It's only about 15" long which means I'll have room for it in the garage. I've got to arrange collection some time, it was only £51 which is pretty good.
Even if it needs some work to clean it up it will be worth that in entertainment value.

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