Tuesday, 25 April 2017

All Finished

Well, nearly finished, the last coat of Danish oil needs to dry and it needs waxing, but that's just a wipe and a buff.
I'm really pleased with the patch, I've retained the slight swell where it was and it blends in nicely.
The leather grip looks smart and the heart/sap contrast is showing up a bit better, it's got a nice bit of character and the overall shape has settled down with that hint of reflex in the lower limb looking elegant.


  1. Looks great as always! Cheers- Brendan

  2. Do you just tie you leather grips on or use a little glue to stop rotation? Cheers

    1. Ha, good Q.
      I apply a line of UHU blue along the centre line of the belly (roughed up a tad first), stopping well short of the ends of the grip, this holds it in place, stops it shifting while stitching too.
      I also use the UHU to glue down the folded edge of the leather (top and bottom edges) which I skive down thinner first. I use it for fletching too, V handy stuff and cheap as chips, well cheaper tha chips really I s'pose... big tube from Poundland lasts for ages. :-)