Friday, 30 June 2017

Prod Development

I've been tinkering with the design and experimenting with the MkI prod whilst building the MkII.
I was pleasantly surprised when the MkI survived being strung and even more surprised when I got it to within a couple of inches of full draw. I thought I'd add some binding over the cracked area to maybe stop it buckling and splitting open. I also added some little horn string bridges or string catchers to hopefully help stop the string popping over the top edge of the bow.
Maybe I'll have the courage to try cocking the bow, if that holds I'll try it through the chrono'

I've also adjusted the stock to get the prod mounting about 3mm higher. In the final design I may go even higher, but the problem with that is it needs more cut away to allow the bolt (arrow) to travel effectively through the prod. I've checked online where I bought that aluminium angle and they have it thicker and with longer sides to the angle, so I could have a much taller vertical section where the bow is mounted and extend it up above the bow to form an arch under which the bolt travels, this would serve several purposes. It would add strength and provide a sight bridge on which I could mount the fore sight. Going up to 3/8" thick section would maintain the rigidity.
None of these changes may be necessary, but one needs to have a game plan for when failure kicks you up the backside... with engineering the time to worry is when you've run out of back up plans and ideas!

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