Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Prod Glued Up

I took a lot of time drawing the prod shape onto some ply to make the former, no point getting it wrong. I didn't want too much reflex to over strain the bow, but conversely I wanted a decent draw weight. the compromise was to make the form a bit longer giving an extra inch of reflex to each tip. It's no problem sawing an inch off if I don't need it.
I was a bit worried about pulling the Yew down into the former and damaging it, so I though I'd put in a gentle heat bend and also chamfer the end a whisker to help it pull down without snagging on the rough sawn surface of the ply, (I used the other half of the former for the heat bend).
Note, I covered the former and the face of the bamboo with masking tape, this proved to be well worth while as it still took a bit of tugging to pull it off the form once cured. I clamped it up in the centre and mid limb to hold it in position whilst I strapped it up with rubber strapping, it was then put into the summer house which I'd left closed all day and was nice and hot, that should ensure a really good and quick glue cure, but I still resisted the temptation to unstrap it last night.The bow feels very stiff and looks good, I'll get it cleaned up, put some nocks on and try it on the tiller before worrying about the bow mounting... mind I've been mulling that problem over all week.
Final pic shows the rubber strapping as I've started to unwrap it.

I've got nocks on it and with a string that's just taut, taken it back to just over 80#
It's damn scary!


  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-40363281

    I suspect s.one may be trying to steal your thunder Derek

  2. Many years ago a mate of mine made miniature medieval crossbows, they packed a real punch despite being tiny. We used to shoot paper cups off each other's heads (this was at work in the lunchbreak !)