Thursday, 31 May 2018

Getting Close with the Spliced Yew

I took some video this morning, as I've put in a good amount of work getting the horn nocks fitted and the outer limbs blended in.
The draw length is coming back an inch at a time as I do more work.
Here's the video :-
Since then I've eased off the outers, blende the inner limbs into the thicker spliced grip and gone over it with a scraper, the draw length is now back to 25" at 60#.
The grip area has slightly thicker sapwood and a slight swell in the belly which gives a comfortable feel in the hand and maximises glue area. However, I'm keen to avoid a Victorian look with whip tillered or heavily elliptical tiller. I want the Warbow look, albeit a tad thinner as it's 60#

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