Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Tidying Up

I spent the morning sorting through the Yew which I got back in January 2017 . I got it all down and trimmed it on the bandsaw, created a whole lot of scrap and ended up with a few decent staves and some marginal ones and possible billets. I put 'em back up on the shelves, most of 'em are spoken for already and one that is otherwise lovely one has a huge sideways bend.
I've been repairing and making some more flight arrows with a bit of weight and stiffness variation. The differences are relatively small, but maybe a little extra weight stiffness and a more forward balance point will fly better in a  head wind... anyhow time will tell.
Pic shows my 28" flight arrows with a regular filed shooting arrow for comparison. (The one at the bottom is being fletched)
It's good to try and re-use ones with broken tips as they are a bit of a fiddle to make.

I haven't had the bottle to test the crossbow through the chrono yet.

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