Monday, 24 January 2011

Radio Chat

I did a bit on BBC Essex Radio chatting to Steve Scruton on his Afternoon Show (Friday 21st Jan). It went pretty well and he made me feel at ease (it was my first time on air).

I'd taken along three bows to talk about, my big Yew longbow which draws 90 pounds at a full medieval style 31.5", the Lady's Yew longbow I've just finished and my Hazel vaguley Neolithic/American Native style flatbow.
Of course when I listen back there is tons I should have said and one tiny gaff about having made arrows from Willow (should have said Hazel) which no one would probably notice.

The time seemed to fly by and there was a young woman in the studio too who was answering questions about mobile phones. She had a go drawing my 40 pound Hazel flat bow and looked like a natural once I'd got her started, it would have been great to let her loose a few arrows.
The club where I shoot was mentioned, but I neglected to mention the name Celtic Harmony Longbow Archery Club , it's associated with Celtic Harmony camp which has all sorts of activities and a couple of Iron Age round houses.

The radio show was available on i-player for 7 days, but has now expired.

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