Monday, 4 April 2011

Finished bow

These pics show the finished bow braced and at full draw, the undulations in the limbs can be seen in both shots, as can the slightly 'stronger' lower limb. This is something which I'm always slightly wary of 'designing in'. often it's said the distance between the string and the belly of the bow should be about 1/4" less on the lower limb, but I'm not entirely convinced as to why. I just tiller it so the tips come back evenly at full draw on the tiller supported as it will be shot. One problem is defining exactly where that support point is. Especially with short bows the appearence on the tiller can be deceptive and it's not until you shoot it that you can really see what's happening. A bow with ripples in the limbs like this one can look decidedly confusing on the tiller, and it's not until I saw it being shot on Saturday that I was completely happy with it. Back to the question posed some time back, 'Do I make mistakes?' Yes but I generally manage to work through them, even this afternoon I had to restitch the grip as I'd tied off the thread without pulling it tight along the whole length of the stitching. I could have left it, but for the sake of another 5minutes work it was worth doing it right. (Mrs Deer thinks... "get that right elbow down in line with the arrow")