Sunday, 4 December 2011

Wheely good idea

I've fixed some wheels onto the base of my bandsaw which will make it easier to manoeuvre. Hopefully it will still be stable.
The steel legs were cut down to keep the overall height the same as it was originally. I shall try it out ripping down that Yew log I harvested last week.
The tray arrangement underneath will be handy for mounting a dust extraction system which I'm hoping Santa might bring me!
In the pic the heavy cast iron table part of the bandsaw hasn't been refitted yet.
Once I've ripped the Yew I shall start on the 90# longbow, deciding whether I should heat straighten/temper it.


  1. Hi Del,
    Looking good. All you need now is 4 wedges that you can put under the base to stop it moving.
    I don't know what you're going to cut the wedges with though.

  2. The castors have brakes on them, which seem to work ok, especially if I line the wheels up before I put on the brakes.
    What I originally planned was two fixed wheels and two swivelling wheels with brakes (but they only had those options in the bigger more expensive castors). If I'd gone for the 100mm diameter rubber tyred wheels it would have been better but would have cost about 3 times the price. I don't often need to move it, so I'm pretty happy with the result.
    (I got the castors from Toolstation)

  3. Hi Del,
    A few years ago I built a mobile kitchen unit for a friend. She supplied the stainless top (rescued from a closing down butchers shop) and I sourced the rest. I managed to get 4" castors, 2 swiveling, 2 straight with brakes, for about £3 each.
    They are out there at the right price but they do take some searching.