Saturday, 7 July 2012

After Heat treatment

I haven't strung it, I'll leave it until Monday to let it settle. The pics show how the reflex has been restored and the deflex in lower limb has been reduced. I didn't try to make it dead straight as the knot is in that area and I didn't want to risk fracturing it. It's slowly begining to look more like a bow, I'm hopefull it will end up being a reasonable shooter.
The picture of the nocks shows the shape, also how I tend to leave rather a lot of shaft showing between nock and fletching, this is just force of habit, and if I wanted to justify it I'd say it gives better ease of handling. It's really a throwback to when I'd stuck nocks on a bunch of arrows before fletching and then found I couldn't get them in my fletching jig without the flighs being a long way from the nock, aerodynamically it's probably a bad thing, but won't change the price of bread.

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