Thursday, 14 February 2013

Copper Archer Sculpture

Got the copper archer finished, I'll be mounting him on a slice of Yew for a local exhibition later in the month.
There's always the dilema of how realistic vs how stylised.
I like his shoulder blades and the copper rivets.
I've taken great care with the geometry of the bow, the distance from his hand to each bow tip matches up correctly in each position, so the bow has the right ammount of curve for the draw length.
I'll let him tarnish a bit then wipe him over with beeswax polish. I could go for a dark patina finish, but I like the natural finish he's got at the moment. I might experiment on a scrap of coppergiving it a quick wash over with vinegar.

I'll be finishing the Transatlantic Yew and then starting on a stave which one of the guys at the club cut last year.

It's funny, but once you've done something and it's been standing around for a while you can see the problems with it.
His right hand is a bit high and the right forearm isn't in line with the arrow, the nice pinch at the top of his shoulder blades is stopping the right elbow getting up in line with arrow and hand...
So I took off his right arm (that's about the 3rd time it's been on and off) and filed a bit off the to inner edge of the shoulder blade. It looks much better now. I also made the right hand a whisker smaller.
It looks as if his hips should maybe come up a tad especially in the shot from behind, but maybe he just has a big arse!

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