Monday, 18 March 2013

Glued Up Stave & Bonkers Bow

The glued up stave looks pretty good with a barely visible glue line, and I think there's enough wood there for a decent draw weight.
It barely flexes at the mo'.

I've taken off the outer bark, the cambium remains and I can do my marking up on that. The cambium is horrid bitter smelling dusty fibrous stuff. I don't often bother with a face mask, but I do when I'm scaping that off.
I'm taking it carefully as I want to preserve a flawless sapwood back
I've run a string line down it and trued it up width wise, it's nice and straight, I'll do a bit of work on the thickness later today.

I've also finished of the Bonkers Bow and got a full draw pic.

The tiller on the Bonkers is surprisingly good, it was only really made for the hell of it.
It was virtually finished last week when I noticed a small dry knot on the belly. On the back there was a tiny hole in the sapwood, I poked down it with the tip of a needle file and the knot just fell out of the belly! I filled that and then spotted a dark patch on the edge of the bow where there was a knot just under the surface. The sapwood was rather thin above it and there was a sign of a tiny crack. I rasped that off and added a patch to the edge.

So it's got a back patch a belly patch an edge patch and half a dozen plugged knots. It's also had a fair sized lateral bend put in at the grip... but other than that it was easy peasy!


  1. Love the bonkers bow.
    You know where I am if it needs a good home :)

  2. Cheers, It's going to a blacksmith as swapsies for some forge time :)