Monday, 11 May 2015

Nearly Ready to Brace

The Italian Yew is moving a fair bit now. It's a bit of a pain being so knotty on the belly.
I'm having to use rasps a good deal as edged tools like the spokeshave or drawknife will dig in at the knots and can tear into the grain.
The right, ( upper limb) is a tad stiff and the outer limbs need to move a little more.
Here's a pic of it at 50# with a string which will just fit on it. next major step is bracing it after doing a little more bit more work and checking by taking some measurements to check the the taper is fairly even.

It starts off on the tiller at an angle because it is supported near centre where the hand will support the bow, but is being drawn from about an inch to the right of that where the fingers will pull the string (the arrow pass being about 1" above centre). Setting the bow up dead centre and pulling the string from the centre is generally a mistake as that's not how the bow will actually be used. However it can be useful occasionally to set up and pull centrally.

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