Sunday, 5 November 2017

Horn Nocks On and Improved Tiller

I've got the nocks on, slimmed the tips and improved the tiller it's now coming back a bit further (almost 27"). Not quite full brace yet. I'm starting to scrape out the tool marks and clean off the pinkish under bark where it hasn't popped off on it's own. Doing a little more fine tuning the tiller, get the tips (esp' the left) round a tad more and
It's taken a hint of set from the original stave so it's only slightly reflexed now, it's beginning to look very handsome now.


  1. Hi Derek,i follow your blog regularly and enjoy your "warts and all" approach. With regard to the the above photo and in an effort to understand how you Tiller a bow by looking at the bow on the tillering tree. you look to have done a first rate job around that deflexed area in the right limb. Is the outer 1/3rd of the right limb bending a little more evenly than the left? is it time for a cup of tea and think regarding the outer 1/3rd of the left limb? Keep up the good work, Rgds Adrian from Cheshire.

  2. The left tip is problematic as it has quite a bit of reflex originally, it is also an area that had some splitting (drying cracks?)on the belly, most of which has been lost as the wood was removed. The knotty area mid limb is also slightly tricky. Add to that the lower limb is generally tillered slightly stiffer than the upper. That'outer 1/3 is bending, but maybe not as much as needed yet.
    The deflex area on the right should prob' bend a hint more.
    It all gets very subtle at this point in the process, and tiller can change with time especially on highly stressed warbows. I'll give the bow some exercise, by pulling it repeatedly, I'll also look at where it has taken set and compare it's unstrung shape now with the original. (I'll post a pic).

  3. You have to remember that odd curves in the stave should still show up at full draw. If a wonky stave looks like a perfect arc at full draw, then it means that any reflexed areas in the stave are moving too much and any deflexed areas aren't moving enough.
    I'll try and work out some experiments to measure the deflection in say the last 10 inches of each limb. I've been looking closely at the pics and I think the two limbs are actually flexing about the same at the ends. You have to bear in mind that the last few inches aren't going to flex at all due to the lack of leverage.
    The next post will discus this further.