Monday, 8 January 2018

Yew Bow Finished

By putting the bow against the other half of the log from which it came, you can see how much bending work I've had to do to get a reasonable shape. The bow still has a lot of character and it's difficult to really see how its flexing. I'll shoot 100 arrows through it and see how it settles. Maybe I'll stiffen the centre with a little heat treating, but that deflex area just above the centre is weird an make it look weak there.
I haven't done the arrow plate yet, but it's a bit chilly for shooting it in or doing the arrow plate at the mo'
It's a tad under weight, 60# at 28" but a little heating after it's shot in might improve that, mind I'm reluctant to risk inducing any sideways bend as I've had to fiddle about with it more than enough.
I'm pleased to say that although it started off looking a bit ugly, it now looks graceful and elegant.
If we get a mild spell I'll get some video of it being shot.
I've had 5 test shots from a decent full draw, it's a tad heavy for me, but it bangs 'em in. Last shot was plumb centre... nice!

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