Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Bit of practice and arrow making.

Felt the urge to shoot a few arrows after work and a bit of practice for the end of month 3D shoot on Sunday wouldn't go amiss.
I was shooting my 40lb Hazel bow into the garage (I'm not using the Longbow as I've got tennis elbow) It's a bit cramped standing just outside the door and I don't have room to draw as I normally would or cant the bow, good practice for shooting from in the woods.
The odd good group, but mostly a tad left, and pretty rubbish. I was thinking 3 in the red or better then I'll quit... then an arrow kissed the back of another and broke in two! I suspect it must have had a fracture prior to that (one did kick off a Beech tree last Sunday).
"Oh well" I thought..."maybe I've got target panic" (joke) so I pinned up a screwed up paper towel which I'd used for wiping up glue...hit it first shot and then quit while I was ahead.
I was then down to 2 decent arrows, fortunately I have a dozen shafts already fletched but without nocks or piles. I only had 5 new nocks and piles but I glued 'em on in a few minutes to give a nice bunch of 7 decent arrows ready for Sunday.
I've been sticking nocks and piles on with UHU glue lately, it seems just as good as epoxy and a lot less fuss. A big tube from the pound shop lasts for ages... and only costs...hang on while I do the sums...oh yes a pound.

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