Monday, 5 April 2010

Full Steam a head

Got a stinking sinus cold, too knackered to do much.
Ha! I'll go into the garage and steam bend the Cherry stave I've been working on for my experimental bow, the steam will help my head.
It's a bit wobbly with a few knots and it's shorter than the good half of the log (50"), but I like to try out new types of wood on the scraps first. It has one limb with natural reflex and one with deflex. As it's so short I'll bend the reflexed limb back towards the archer (e.g put some deflex on it).
It doesn't take long to dig out my wallpaper steamer and my steaming box (made of old insulation board) 45 mins steaming and then clamp it onto a piece of 2x2 with a block under the right point to make it bend.
Leave for 5 hours then unclamp...looks good.
Too dark to take a pic now, I did a 'before' pic, I'll do the 'after' and post 'em tomorrow.

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