Friday, 14 May 2010

Pics at last

The bow is 55 pound draw weight at 24". It's fast, I shot through my chronometer which measured the arrow speed as 165 feet per second (112.5 mph) almost as fast as my Longbow.
I shall shoot in in earnest at the club on Sunday.
The picture of the belly shows the myriad of knots and how I've allowed some slight swelling in the width of the bow where the larger knots are (this avoids weak spots and also adds some character).
The Ash backing is sawn roughly following a ring (as opposed to quarter sawn acrossthe rings) this gives some nice, but slightly unconvention grain on the back. Effectively it is more like a stave cut naturally from a tree, rather than a bow laminated from quarter sawn planks. I'll add some more pics in a later post.

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