Thursday, 6 May 2010

Starting to Tiller the Bow

A picture is worth a thousand words. I started with a slack string and shortened it as I got the bow starting to flex.
The string is shortened by threading it through the wooden toggle (half way along the right side of the string). It's a piece of plywood with two holes drilled in it, they are carefully smoothed so that they con't cut into the string. It saves making multiple strings, it can even be used for a test shot or two!

That was just over an hours work, cutting some nocks and getting starting to flex reasonably evenly.
I know it was just over an hour, because I got a phone call from my wife saying I was supposed to have picked her up ten minutes ago... Whoops!
The left limb is a bit stiff, and it's difficult to judge how even the bend is due to the limbs not being straight to start with. hasn't exploded yet, I'm aiming for a 24" draw initially at say 50pounds. I've had it back to 35 pounds so far in that last picture.

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