Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I've ricked my back! I was hoping to get the bow finished to shoot last Sunday, but I have been busy, then I went and ricked my back so I've got to take it very easy for a few days. The irony is I first twinged it simply bending to pickup a saw whilst kneeling on the floor, so I took it easy, the thing that really seized it up was sitting still at a desk when I went into work!

Anyhow here are some pics showing how far I've got, the 'flame' grain on the belly near the handle is rather attractive, this can be compared to the back where the grain runs much more along the bow and less across it.

I've done the nocks in my usual style, only one limb has had a wipe of Danish oil so far.
It needs the arrow pass, a decent string and a leather grip doing yet.

These are all hunched over back stressing jobs so they'll have to wait.

I've shot a few arrows, I think it's probably a little slower than the Hazel flat bow being longer and having more 'safety factor' built in. I havn't drawn it past 28" but I'm confident it would go back to 30" . It's only been shot with my heavy tillering string with the wooden toggle on, so it may get a bit quicker, I feel it would be a solid reliable companion to a Neolithic man although my finishing would possibly be considered fussy.

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