Monday, 20 September 2010

Shooting it in

It's virtually finished now, but it needs a few little tweaks to get the grip feeling right before I cover it with leather.
I'm not quite 100% happy with the tiller, so I'll take a few scrapes off the end of the lower limb to make that flex a whisker more, it's really just a bit of fiddling and fettling.
In the pic you can see I'm not actually at dull draw (about an inch and a half short) as my back is still a bit sore and I'm not really pushing that left arm right out or getting that right elbow fully back.

That was yesterday, I've fettled the bow a bit now and it's shooting much sweeter, but to be honest I can't tell whether that's due to my me warming up (I havn't shot for about a month) or the tiny bit of work of work I've done on the bow.
It's easy to shoot one good group and think with fond imagination that you've done something marvelous to the bow, whereas really you've just relaxed.
It's been frustrating and I've had to work in short bursts. Doing the inlaid Waterbuffalo horn arrow plat was spread over 3 days where normally it's about 45minutes work spread over a morning.

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