Monday, 4 October 2010

Busy Weekend

Finished a dozen self nocked arrows for a forthcoming primitive shoot and continued tidying the garage.
I made a bow rack which lifts my bows off the floor, which was slightly damp in the corner. I made good use of some scrap timber and offcuts of carpet.
The picture is slightly posed, and I somehow managed to chop the sting of my Chinese repeating crossbow in half as I was tidying (there is a lot of leverage and the string must have got caught by the mechanism).

The self nocked arrows seemed to fly particularly well from the Ash Meare Heath bow, I'd used slighly weaker spined shafts this time and I found my point of aim was no longer a tad right as it had been and I had to stop shooting after 5 arrows for fear of doing a 'Robin Hood' and splitting one of the arrows or ruining a nock.

My refurbished arrows seem to be fine too. I don't think I've ever had so many arrows before. Happiness is a full quiver!

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