Saturday, 9 October 2010

I Can't believe it...

I was going to sign the Meare Heath style Ash bow and put on the draw weight/length, so I put it up on the tiller to check the figures.
I couldn't believe it, it looked horrible, the lower limb seemed to be bending too much near the handle, not actually a 'hinge' but it looked like something made by a beginner, and it had lost a little draw weight.
The bow has been shot a fair bit over the last two weeks and has performed fine, there's so sign of excessive set, chrysalling or damage. I've no idea why it's shifted like this, anyhow, I've adjusted the limbs a bit to even them out but it's lost about 10 pounds of draw weight in the process.
It's destined to be extensively re-worked I think.
This just goes to show that we all get bitten on the backside now and again. I'm very glad I hadn't sold it, because if it had been returned to me in this state I'd have thought it had been badly overdrawn or otherwise abused.
This bowmaking is a constant learning process, but this episode hasn't enhanced my opinion of Ash.
Give me Yew or Hazel any day.
Oh yes, and if anyone who reads this has had a similar experience with a bow please contact me!

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