Sunday, 14 November 2010

Hazel bow pics

You can see how short the grip is, the heel of my hand wraps over the fade into the lower limb, but it's very comfortable and helps to keep the overall bow length down.

I've added a horn arrow plate and been working on the finish and fiddling with the detail.

I shall be re-checking the tiller and making any tiny adjustments.

A couple of coats of Danish oil have been applied, but these generally get partly removed and they are just to show up the blemishes in the finish and to start sealing the wood.

I'm not being incredibly fussy over the finish as it's a primitive and the grain and underbark surface are an integral part of it.

Once it's had it's final tweaking I'll post the obligatory full draw shot.


  1. Hey!
    I was wondering what did you use to seal your hazel Bow and how you managed to put the horn knocks.
    What is "danish oil"?
    Thanks a lot!
    P.S: I didn't really looked it up on your blog, did you craft your own arrows, is there any post about it?


  2. Danish oil is based on natural waxes and solvent, it's commonly available, google will tell you all about it. I use it because its natural and a wipe on finish.
    Generally I buy the arrow components and glue them together. I have made my own just for the heck of it but its laborious. The search enging on this blog is pretty good. (I know they are useless on some forums!)