Monday, 8 November 2010

Hazel Bow Full Draw

The bow is getting close to it's final weight so I'm working with fine tools and taking care of how it looks.
the back had streaks of dark cambium on it, as I've removed these some have been in deep grooves in the surface of the wood, I've carefully picked these out and revealed some nice character as the pic shows.
Hazel is very plain with virtually no grain visible, so this nice bit of character is very welcomed.

The bow's been back to about 22" and I've shot an arrow from it, there's still a fair way to go and it's only 60" long, hopefully it won't go bang on me but it's the first one I've repeatedly heat treated during tillering so fingers crossed.
Just done some more work and taken it back to 28"...mighty scary.
The string should be a tad shorter and it needs some fiddling and fettling, but it's got there.
Had wondered about a tiny bit of recurve at the tips (flip the tips) but it's taking such a huge curve I don't think I dare!

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