Friday, 1 July 2011

Odds & Ends

I've been busy doing the fascia and guttering on the front of the house, so the garage now looks like a building site with no room to work on bows.
I've still been busy thinking about bows and a guy in the USA kindly offered to ship me some Osage as I've never used it. It turns out that the cost of shipping is rather high, but oddly, it seems cheaper to ship it the other way!
I had a bit of Yew left too short for a longbow which I though I would ship to him as a sort of trade, I was a bit disappointed as a small knot in one end actually ran along under the sapwood for almost 3" reducing the stave from a respectable 63" to a miserly 58". The guy is a hugely experienced bowyer so I'm sure he'll make use of it.

A while back I posted a picture of some Yew I was hoping to cut next year, I got in touch with the forestry commission as it is on their land. The forester responsible for that area said it would be acceptable to cut it as it's just a side branch, we have to agree on a price first.
Yews are part of a rare and endangered habitat so obviously they don't want people felling trees or taking wood in an irresponsible manner.
I shall offer a good price to compensate for the similar piece I cut without permission many years ago!

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