Friday, 29 July 2011


I didn't add quite as much back set as I'd wanted and that's meant theres a small gap in the tip of the splice on the back of the bow (top of the splice on the last pic). I'll fill this with epoxy and Osage dust just to stop moisture getting in, it won't add any real extra strength.
I'm not entirely happy, but we'll see if it holds once it's a bow.


  1. It should hold. How long is it? Is it going to be a bend-in-the-handle bow or a flat bow?

  2. It will have a short stiff handle, slightly narrowed and a flat limb section. The limbs are going to be a bit narrower than I originally wanted as one of the billets had a narrow area where there were tears in the wood where it was split from the log. The splice was originally marked out as 4". The bow itself is about 68" at present but may come down a bit, maybe to 66"