Saturday, 6 August 2011

Osage Bend Pics

You can see where the bend hasn't really followed the curve of the jig. I'd rasped it down before this pic was taken, that's why it looks a bit thinner at that point. The good new is that the splintering didn't seem to go down very far, so hopefully it will be fine.
In the middle pic you can see it jigged up to remove some of the twist, there was also a clamp just beyond the centre of the bow which was being tensioned by rubber straps to hold the bow with some torque on it while I got the other clamp and wedges in place, the straps remained until the bow had cooled down thoroughly.
The last pic shows the much improved limb alignment and flipped tip.

I shall try to be a bit more carefull and well planned when I do the other limb. It's easy to end up with a bow hot on the jig and be standing there holding it in tension with no clamps, wedges or strapping to hand, and not even a cup of tea within reach!

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