Friday, 26 August 2011

Quiet week

We had a big family 'do' last weekend and I'm doing some plumbing DIY up in the loft, which is ok when it's raining outside as it's no too hot.
I've found some time to look at the first of last November's Yew.
I took a quartered log and chopped off the corners with my axe so that I can get it onto the shave horse more easilly. The heart wood felt nice and crisp, the sap wood felt a bit wet still, but I haven't de barked it yet. If I can work through the staves roughing them down a bit debarking them and having a good look to see how many bows I can get that will be time well spent. The staves can then have another 4 months before I really start work on them.
half past five now and I've been flooring a bit of the loft, but managed to debark and trim 4 staves in total. Some are a bit knotty, but they look ok.
I'll try to get 'em all done over the weekend.

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