Saturday, 12 November 2011

Low Enery Activities

Just beginning to shake off my cold, the irritating cough is easing off so I can get some decent sleep at last.
I've been pottering about refurbishing my target foam in the garage, it was getting rather shot through. I sawed it in half and reversed the pieces so the edges are now in the middle, it should last for a fair while now. I used polyurathane wood glue to put it back together.
I also had a look at my website and found some of the pics had mysteriously vanished, so I tidied that up. I reloaded some of the pics at reduced resolution to save memory usage.
Now I'm feeling perkier I'm hoping to go down South next weekend and harvest a Yew log, gotta get the paperwork from the forestry commission sorted first and make a little 2 wheeled cradle which will strap onto the log to help drag it the 1/4 mile out of the woods.
I'll blog it all up with some nice pics.

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