Sunday, 27 November 2011

Tidying Up and a Wasp

I'm running out of room for my logs and staves so I've put up another couple of shelves.
The work entailed clearing out a load of gardening tools, pots, netting, string canes etc amongst which was a dopey wasp settling down for winter. The stripey git stung my finger and it's still feeling a bit itchy 2 days later.
I've got my timber all up out of the way on shelves now, a lot of it isn't the finest quality, but a stave on the shelf is worth two in the woods.
I'm also planning on fitting two wheels onto my badsaw and some sort of third wheel which can be dropped down with a lever to enable me to move it easilly.
I'd love to have a nice big workshop or double garage to work in, but I manage pretty well so I shouldn't grumble, there's plenty of people with no facilities at all.
The sun's out and it's lovely and mild, a bit windy though, I'll drive up to the club and have a bit of a shoot as I havn't been up there for about 3 weeks.
Once everything is all tidy I will start thinking about that 90# Yew longbow.... mmmmm Yew longbow.


  1. Hi Del,
    I mounted my bandsaw on a TV stand. The type that looks like a "U" on its side with 4 casters on the bottom. I put some extra legs to close off the "U" and use wedges to stop it moving when in use.

  2. Cheers Phil, good to know it isn't a daft idea.
    Maybe I could pull a shopping trolley out of the nearest stream and use that as a base!