Monday, 20 August 2012

Hazel Finished

It needs a few more coats of Danish oil and a nocking point on the string but here are the pics.

I've tuned it up by adjusting the arrow pass and twisting the string up to a 5 1/4" brace as it was slapping my wrist. It shoots really nicely and clocks up 160fps (109 mph) through the chronometer, which makes it my fastest Hazel bow.
It's significantly faster than my old favourite Hazel bow (which has about four fingers of set and is about 5# lower draw weight). But not as fast as Twister (a Yew bow of similar shape and a couple of pounds higher draw weight).
This bow has little set, with the tips pressed against a straight edge I can just get 1 finger between the grip and the straight edge.

The grip has a plaque of bark left on the back which looks good, and the line of pith from the centre of the log is visible on the belly with some of the very subtle grain.
I've shot at least 70 arrows through it and I'm very pleased. The tiller never looks quite the same in the full draw shot as it does on the tiller. It dawns on me that I always take the full draw shot from the same side which shows the bow from the opposite side to how I see it on the tiller, I don't know if that's significant. The tiller is pretty much my usual arc of a circle, but I think maybe it's a tad stiffer in the middle than usual. Maybe I'll post some comparison pics later.


  1. That one came out real nice! Isn't it asonishing how different things lok from the other side of the tiller. I can walk all around mine freely, but I usually look from where the pulley is. I'm always shocked when I go to the other side.

    But really, this one looks very good, the nocks are some of the best I've seen so far! And it's fast... nice Job.

  2. Cheers, I'm glad it's not just me with the tiller!