Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Splinter Repair + Update.

I got home from work and shot the last 10 arrows to make up the 100 through the Hazel bow. Running my fingers over the back, it just didn't feel as smooth as it should. There wasn't actually a lift at the splinter, but it didn't feel right.
I winched it back to 28" on the tiller and felt it again with my thumb nail, I could just feel the slightest edge.
It's almost a relief to make the decision to patch it.
The problem with a splinter or a split is you can never get glue down into the root of the crack, and if you prise open the crack to gain access it just makes it travel further down into the wood.
I set about chiseling out the splinter using a ground down needle file which was a bit too flexible and then I remembered my plough plane which has some narrow blades, one of which was just the job.
I was getting slightly anxious that I hadn't uncovered the root of the splinter, then, as I was cleaning out the base of the channel I could see a wafer thin remnant of the splinter lifting, (see pic top right).
Once the groove was cleaned and straightened using the edge of a file I sawed a thin sliver to fill it in. I'd kept the scrap pieces from where I'd roughed the bow out on the bandsaw, and one of these was soon shaped to suit, using bandsaw, spokeshave to curve it slightly and sand paper. I glued it in using Resintite and whilst pressing it firmly in place rasped off some of the excess so that it would be more flexible and would pull down into the contour of the groove better when I bound it with rubber strapping.
You can see how narrow and shallow the groove is, I'm pretty convinced that it's mostly cosmetic and feel that I could have strung the bow and shot it with the cleaned out groove. I didn't of course as that would simply be foolhardy.
We'll see how it looks tomorrow night.
Two more pics, first with the wrapping removed, and the second with it cleaned and polished. You can see how the repair runs right through the area with the tiny pin knots.
The inlaid section fits better near the grip, but I was keen to make sure it pressed in right to the bottom of the groove so I didn't make it too tight a fit.
It doesn't look much worse than the original splinter.
I've shot 10 arrows through it and had it up on the tiller. Looking good, I'll be happy once I've shot another 90.

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