Sunday, 19 May 2013

Recurve Beltane Hazel Full Draw

I tweaked the bow up this morning and made a decent string. It looks pretty good and shoots quite nicely. It still needs some tuning and adjusting of the tips.
I want the string to lift off the recurves at full draw, it's nearly there but not quite, mind I'm a whisker short of full draw.
The grip and arrow pass needs some attention too. If I don't knock the arrow exactly right it rides up towards the limb where it's much wider and it wags it's tail madly as it leaves the bow.

I'm amazed it's turned out so well and looks so good. I've haven't weighed it on the tiller yet so I don't don't know the final draw weight.

The bark has started to lift and crack as I haven't waxed it or applied linseed oil, this is fine and it has helped to indicate areas where the bend is too severe. I shall carefully lift off the bark and may even consider a wacky abstract paint job. Not usually my thing, but then neither are recurves.


  1. Medieval bows recovered with the Marie Rose

  2. Yup, I would have liked to be at the opening of the new museum, but was unable to get thers :(
    I've seen the bows up close and handled them (with gloves on). Well worth a visit.
    Lots of other interesting historical stuff in Portsmouth to see as well.
    I lived down that way as a teenager.

  3. I thought I remembered you mentioning, wanted to point out they hit the big time intertubes.