Saturday, 1 June 2013

Shooting Withdrawl

Been so busy doing up my new lathe, I've been missing out on shooting.
After a long day which had a few frustration I strung a couple of bows and vented my frustration on my target.
The Hazel recurve shot well, but the heavier longbow felt a bit much and was jarring my elbow, I didn't quite have the nerve to try it with the full 32" heavier arrows.
I'm not shooting this weekend, but hopefully I'll get over to the 'Cloth of Gold' shoot next weekend if I can scrounge a lift. Not sure what bow to take, it's debatable if the Hazel qualifies as 'primitive' but then I'm not too worried by how my score compares with others, I tend to feel I'm shooting against myself.

Now the lathe is up and running I might use it to have another go at building a force/draw plotting machine. My previous attempt worked briefly but tended to jam up and wasn't really any good.It would be handy to actually see the curve from the Hazel recurve compared to a longbow.

Just in case you are feeling let down by the lack of pics, here's one of the lathe... ok I know it's not bow making, but it will come in handy for arrow heads and crossbow trigger mechanisms.


  1. Nice little lathe - I hope you're going to make some sort of guard for those belts & pulleys...!

  2. Yeah, my long hair is a real problem :o.
    I will prob make a guard if I get the back gears all sorted. the speed reduction gears aren't normally fitted.