Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Steaming and Finger Trouble.

The clingfilm seemed to do a grand job in keeping the wood dry as it was steamed. I shall definitely use that trick again.

I've been mad busy buying stuff online to make up some reasonably authentic arrows for next week.
I got some lovely Ash shafts from Nidderdale Archery. Sadly they are no longer trading so I have removed the link at a good price, and quick delivery.
BUT but I'd made the fatal mistake of changing my mind as I clicked 'buy' ('Finger trouble' as we call it in electronics design and test) and ended up with shafts 30" long when I wanted 34" (groan).
However they will come in handy for normal length arrows or crossbow bolts.
I tried 'em out anyway, and the 3/8" shafts turned down really nicely on my lathe, to give a taper point which takes the 11/32 taper fit Modkin points (also from them).
The shafts just fit down the spindle of the lathe with a slight push, and after a little fiddling I got the taper just right.

I've got back an line and ordered some more shafts... bit of an outlay but arrow shafts will always get used.

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