Saturday, 6 July 2013

Warbow Splice

The splice has come out well, I've cleaned it up and I've looked through 'Weapons of Warre' to find a suitable bow to use as a reference. I've found Mary Rose bow 81A3960H which is described as "Big bow, handled, broken tip, squared, coarse grain " Being gripped and squared means it's pretty chunky in the middle which will give extra strength at the splice. Of course I won't copy the broken tip ;) . Its 2005 mm long.
The first pic shows it marked up and how one billet has been glued to an offcut of MDF to give it a flat stable base to help when running it through the bandsaw. The otherbillet had a nice flat face already. Last pic on the bottom right shows how the heart/sap boundary has lined up well, I'd llike to say this was carefull planning, but there is a fair bit of luck involved it trying to line everything up.

In the morning Paul who I'd met on the Archery Interchange website came over to try some bows. It was great to see a recurve target archer having a go at shooting primitive. I think it's good to try the different disciplines although I'm slightly abashed to admit I've not shot a sighted recurve. Mind this could be due to never having been offered a go with one, as I'll give anything a try. We had a fine time and gave the Chinese Repeater an outing to. Paul left with a Maple primitive which had been looking for a home and a few arrows.

I also heard that the Dogleg Yew longbow was throwing full weight medieval arrows all the way to the 180 yard clout, much to the delight of it's new owner.

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