Monday, 11 November 2013

Warbow Detail Pics

Unfortunately the live testing of the warbow is on hold due to the test pilot having to work.

Here are some pics to whet the appetite.

The darker pic is an attempt to show where I've reduced the sapwood by the dip, whilst trying to follow a ring where possible. The other pic at the top shows the bottom nock and a side view of the dip.

Bottom left pic gives a good view of the dips and character in the back of the bow.
It's a big chunky beast.
82" tip to tip. 80" nock to nock and it's girth at the grip is a whisker over 5".

The white string looks good on it, I couldn't find white serving so I went for some fancy black braided stuff, which whips on much better than the usual plain twisted stuff. Can't wait to get it tried and filmed.

In the pic of the top nock, it looks like I've cut through to the wood, I haven't, it's just wax, dust, polishing compound etc. There is plenty of horn there to take the load.

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