Friday, 8 November 2013

Warbow Progress

It's now back to 26" at 130# with a 5.5" brace. (This would extrapolate out to about 160# at 32").
The tiller is looking pretty good now, I'll get some pics over the weekend, it's too dull and pouring with rain at the moment.
I've been working over the limbs checking the thickness making sure there are no areas thicker or thinner than they should be. Checking thickness sounds easy, but with dips along the edge here and there it becomes tricky and I'm sort of looking at average thickness by feel and eye.
The big dip is much less noticeable now as I've been forced to thin the sapwood along high/thick side of the ridge on the back of the bow in order to drop weight whist keeping a reasonable heartwood/sapwood ratio.
I've ended up reducing it along a fair bit of one limb, and it's made the limb far more even in cross section. Another benefit is I still have some heartwood at the tips, however the tips and their temporary nocks are now a good bit thicker than the end of the limb, which makes it difficult to taper the last 6 inches or so.
So I've started fitting the horn nocks...

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