Sunday, 15 December 2013

Patches Finished

Maybe I should call this one "Apache"  ...( Because its a patchy bow ...geddit?... groan...sorry never mind).
Here's a pic of the problem area, you can see the bulge (showing whitish) , the first patch can be seen above the defects.
Then there's pics of the finished job. Upper pic is the side view, giving a good view of the second patch, lower pic shows both, they blend into the bow rather well although the second shows more.
The things to note:-

I've made sure the ends of the patches are staggered to try to avoid any weak point or visually eye catching point. A long patch is less obvious than a short one. There are still some black lines etc, especially visible on the side view. I didn't want to cut into the sapwood and if more problems occur, I'll just keep the bow for myself... it's supposed to be a stick bow not a jigsaw, so there has to a point when to quit!

The patch was strapped down with rubber while the glue was curing, but I haven't bothered showing that...  the last pic is immediately after the rubber was removed, it shows a nice amount of glue has squeezed out. Too much glue isn't really a problem as long as the joint is firmly strapped (don't squeeze it all out), it's messy, but not a problem. Too little glue and you risk a dry spot or an air pocket. The masking tape is just to hold the patch is position while the rubber strapping is wrapped on.

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