Saturday, 28 December 2013

Walk in the Woods

The pics can tell the story. One shows how twisted growth can be sometimes be seen in a limb.

Nature's bow wood testing facility! See the limb which is bent right over in the second pic (just above half way up the right side) and how (in the next pic down) once I cut it free it has sprung back? I was careful to make sure I was out of the way as I sawed it else it would have taken my head off. Judging from the size and the bend , it looks like a 250# Warbow at full draw!

I cut the skinny straight one which is sticking up and right at about 45 degrees. Then I carefully cut the one which is under tension.
Neither are ideal, I think there is a little twist in the big bit and a few knots on what is the back if you assume it's already decided how to bend as a bow.
The skinny bit is, well... skinny!
Anyhow, it's always good to have wood seasoning, worst case is it will end up on the habitat pile for the hedgehogs, stag beetles and other critters to hide it. It provides cover from the cats which live round here.

It's very much a case of a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush when it comes to bow wood.

Over the last couple of weeks I've had a couple of leads regarding some Yew, it may come to nothing, or it may materialise in a month or two. Patience is a virtue when it comes to making bows, which is prob' why kids don't have the success they wish for.

I've been tinkering with my Walnut shells for the whistling arrows too, (pics when completed).

Talking of Woodland stuff I also got an autobiography of Ray Mears for Christmas, they are in "The Works" at a reduced price. A good read especially if you are that sort of age. He calls it the analogue age when kids were allowed out to play, it rang a few bells with me.

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