Sunday, 2 February 2014

Derbyshire Yew Full Workout

I took the bow up the club, and let The Stig my mate JT loose with it. He loved it and shot further with an EWBS Standard arrow than he's has ever done before with any bow.
His impression was that, in the early draw it nearer 120# and that I was just teasing him by saying it was 100# ! As the draw progressed he found it sweet as a nut. Maybe the extra length adds smoothness?
He shot a variety of arrows, culminating with some which had a 33" shaft, These went right out to the edge of the field, about 235 yards, they were burried an impressive distance into the mud too.
I'd been hoping he'd give it a full work out, so was pleased to see it given a full length draw. I tried a couple of shots myself, the first was using an arrow of mine without a horn nock reinforcement... the arrow disintegrated and scared the crap out of me.
No harm done to the bow, and I then used JT's arrows, but couldn't really do it justice, despite having shot round 18 field targets with a 50# longbow to warm up.
It probably only had a dozen shots in total, but it was at a real full draw, so that's as 'shot in' as I'm going to manage.
I'll study the video and pictures before maybe doing some final tweaks and fitting an arrow plate.
Note:- in the first pic the lower tip of the bow is obscured by JT's knee which makes the lower limb look rather odd. I've since had the bow back on the tiller and given it a few scrapes here and there. The draw weight has settled to 95# at 31" which is pretty much what was required.

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