Monday, 24 February 2014

Tiller Much Improved

This pic is taken first thing this morning, so that I can review where I am.
It's pretty much there, and you can see the improvement from start of play yesterday.
It's now at a correct brace height and you can see it's pulling 45# at 29"
The tiller isn't perfect but it's close and the final bits of tidying up should improve it that last little bit.
The left limb looks a tad stiff at the end and a tad too much bend on the inner. This is due to the unbraced shape. It's taken a little set in the inner limb due to the early weak point and the out looks stiff as there is still a hint of recurve. Effectively that left (lower limb has a slight deflex reflex shape, but overall is now effectively straight. E.G the two tips of the bow and the grip are pretty much in line.
The right limb could still work more in the outer 1/3.
I shall fit horn nocks now, maybe losing just a whisker off the tips, that is to say I'll aim to get the string grooves say a half inch or so inboard from where they are now. That will help to avoid dropping any weight, as it's V close to where I want to be and I want to allow a little for the final scraping sanding tip narrowing etc.
Update:- I've got the top nock done and couldn't resist giving it a quick buff up to show it off with one of the nice features near the tip. Whoops, just realised, that's the bottom nock! Doesn't matter, it will just get rounded off a bit more for the traditional stubbier bottom nock.

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