Saturday, 6 September 2014

Full Draw

I've narrowed the tips and tweaked the tiller, I've lost a few pounds as expected, but it looks pretty good 35.8# at whisker over 29" I held it there for 5 seconds to prove it could withstand being held at full draw for aiming as a target bow. It feels very smooth and would probably draw further.
I'm a tad disappointed that I didn't get the 40#, but that was specified as maximum draw weight, it's also more important to have a good tiller and slightly lower draw weight rather than having the inner limbs working too hard , the tips not flexing but a few pounds more.
I've make a proper string and had some test shots, I was a bit anxious, would it perform?
A resounding yes! Using my standard arrows 388 gn and drawing the full length with the point onto the
bow (about 28.5") I shot 3 arrows and got two arrows over 159fps (159.1 and 159.3, the first didn't register correctly)

that was good enough for me. A very respectable speed from 35#.

On the full draw pic , you can see the recuves have uncoiled to an almost straight limb, pretty much what I was after. The nocks need polishing up and the grip and arrow plate doing. The bow felt really smooth and sweet, although it's hardly surprising at 35#. I think it should do the job as a target bow very nicely, but only time will tell. It feels as if it would pull to 32" but that would be suicidal and I'm certainly not going to do it. I may plot a force draw curve for it to see if it has any curve to it or if it's still pretty linear. I'll get some shooting with it at the Brickenden fete have-a-go on Sunday

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