Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Boo Yew Glued Up

Back to the bow making after a great weekend wedding. We had a house full of people on the Friday and my Daughter got wed on the Saturday in a lovely family friendly garden party atmosphere helped by fine weather.

The bow feels much stiffer and looks more like a recurve than a longbow, but rest assured once the riser is thinned down and blended in and the limbs narrowed and rouded it will slowly transform into a much more longbow like bow.
Work tomorrow, but on Thursday, I hope to get some sort of temporary nocks on it so I can flex it on the tiller and see how it moves. I expect some of the reflex to pull out during tillering with will also help it look more like a longbow.
I suppose I should pin my colours to the mast and say what I hope to achieve.
Lets say 40# at 28.5" with an arrow speed using my standard arrows of 155fps, more would be nice, down to 150fps, acceptable, but I'd hope to be faster. Mind I shall ask the guy who I'm making it for what arrow weight he uses.

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