Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Visitor's Test Shots

A guy came over to collect a couple of bows I'd collect a couple of bows I'd made for him with Yew he'd provided. They were interesting bows as the wood was somewhat testing, the Molle was made from Yew that was full of shakes and split and has oodles of character.
It's hard to see it with the light behind spoiling the view of the upper limb, better pics here:-

The wood for the longbow moved rather a lot as I worked it down and had a tricky knot.He brought a couple of bows for me to look at including a Yew primitive he'd made, he'd made a decent job of it. A bit of time fiddling and fettling it would make a big difference so I made a few suggestions.
It was good to see the bows being shot especially as he's left handed and I wasn't doing them justice when I was shooting them.

Note, the longbow is being drawn with a 32" (to the base of the point) arrow.
Meanwhile I've reduced the Yew primitive I'm working on and it seems to be loosing some deflex. You can see from the pic it's straighter than before.
I'm letting it evolve slowly trying to go with the flow. It's being stored on my warm radiator to ensure the wood is well dried and finished moving.

On a festive note, one of the women at work made me a knitted snowman and I gave her a small bottle of my home made Cider. Maybe I should give him a bow and create a snowman bowman?

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  1. That's a "Yeoman-bowman-Snowman" surely Del ?! LoL

    Jay Tee-Hee