Sunday, 17 July 2016

Yew 60 Pounder Progressing

It's been an odd stave this one, but it's getting there. A couple of knots on one edge have made it slightly stiff, but they may well almost disappear as the bow is narrowed. I left plenty of width at the tips and it has shifted sideways very slightly, coupled with some undulations in the back I've had to keep a careful eye on it as it's settled to its own natural preferred bend.
Note, the stave isn't very long and I've got the nocks right on the ends, this means I can't use a stringer and I can only just brace it at the mo'. The righjt limb, has a little natural deflex about 1/3 in from the tip.

I'll pop over to the flight field later and try out the heat treated Hickory flight bow and the other 2 flight arrows I've made for it, these have even smaller flights. I thought I might get away with smaller flights as it's near as dammit centre shot.

This post will get updated over the day with some flight results and hopefully the Yew  60# will be moving back a bit further.

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