Monday, 22 August 2016

Wonky Hazel Finished

I had considered an arrow plate, or putting my bowyer's mark on it, but it's a primitive so I think I'll leave it unadorned, although I may brand in a dot to mark the arrow pass.
Back on the tiller to check the draw weight having shot in a few arrows bent it a tad at the grip and finished it off... midway between 40 and 45# at 28" perfect, I didn't really want 45# as I felt it was working rather hard.
I've taken some video of it actually being drawn to get realistic pictures, I've also tried to capture some of the character.
I'm pleased with the tiller, although maybe the tips could work more, but it's tricky due to the character in the limbs.
The lower limb looks stiffer, but if you hold a CD (other circular objects are also available) up to the picture and move it around to match the curve to the upper limb and then move it down to the lower limb they are very similar. The lower limb looks much shorter than the upper, in reality the upper is only 3/4" longer which is less than on many bows (see footnote), the top nock is a little longer due to the extra stringer groove which makes it look longer.
Click on the pics to bring 'em up full size.
The head on shot shows the wide limbs and the waggle nicely, also how canting a broad limbed bow allows a good view of the target.

 Footnote:- Traditionally/conventionally you have a 4" grip with the arrow pass 1" above the geometric centre. This means that 1" of the grip is above centre and 3" are below, making the lower limb 2" shorter than the upper.

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