Monday, 29 August 2016

Wonky Hazel Shoots Clean

I still wasn't 100% happy with the way Wonky Hazel was throwing the arrows, there was some waggle, where my other bows were sticking 'em in straight at 10 yards.

Some might say I should match the arrow to the bow, but if if the bow isn't right that's just not going to work.
I didn't know if my original correction was insufficient or if had sprung back slightly.

It's very difficult to measure the string line on a character bow as the reference plane is presumably defined by the string at full draw. I expect the camera set up at a CGI graphics studio might manage it but it's beyond me.
After much deliberation I jigged it up again, this time I went for dry heat from the hot air gun and copious brushing with sunflower oil. (I sanded down the grip first to give good oil and heat penetration. I took it to a light golden brown which will help hold the bend in place and makes the grip look good too. The pics show how much shift was added, the pencil line marking the initial position.
The bend was done yesterday afternoon and the pics taken this morning so it's had time to settle. )See pic of tip alignment drawn in in blue.)
I eagerly anticipated trying it, first shot, no waggle... second shot hit the white disc. Job done.
Now just to re-apply the finish, and I should enjoy shooting it next weekend.

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