Wednesday, 7 December 2016

More Work on the Automaton

The automaton video on Youtube has had a very good reception, (mind I've touted it around quite a few forums being a bit of an interweb tart!).
I've started on the next iteration, I trimmed about 6" inches off a seasoned Hazel stave and cut it up on the bandsaw into suitable sizes. I've machined on bit using the pillar drill (drill press) with a 10mm end mill, that I bought a while back, in the chuck. The Hazel machines nicely and is so much better that the first rough pine parts (see pic for comparison)
I found a nice free program on t'web for drawing out gears to be cut from plywood:-
The scaling feature didn't seem to work properly, but I could find a way round that if necessary (the 150mm scale line came out as 120mm. I entered 120 into the scale correction box and printed again... just the same).
Anyhow the mkII is slowly progressing, here's a pic of some of the bits.

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